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This Article was effective in the Van Gend en Loos case 1963 where the Dutch government placed certain goods into a higher customs duty bracket so as to increase revenue.?

There are fees required by Law and for public benefit.?

The European court described the exact meaning of a measure having an equivalent effect as ? For example in EU Commission v Ireland (1982) a government sponsored ? campaign was declared as being a measure having equivalent effect to a quantitative restriction, as it could obviously influence imports and was clearly discriminatory.

trading rules enacted by Member States which are capable of hindering, directly or indirectly, actually or potentially, intra-Community trade . However other measures have been proved to be not directly applicable or discriminatory but contravene the intentions of policy nonetheless.?

However there are other manners in which a country can hinder the free movement of goods, these activities were not charges or restrictions, but they had a similar effect.? Regarding products from outside the EU the idea is that once the custom or levy has been paid to the first EU State it enters it can then move freely without being subject to further restrictions.? the case of EC Commission V Italy somewhat clarified this issue.?

Products are determined to have originated from wherever the last substantial process or operation was performed. This case was regarding the transferral of certain national treasures.?

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