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I also hoped that I might yet redeem myself in Bill Gothard’s eyes, even though I felt hurt, confused, and even angry.Bill agreed to let me stay those few extra weeks on two conditions: first, I could not talk to Rachel at all during this time (a request I obeyed) and second, I had to stay with him in his office every evening after work as long as he was there (which I complied with as well).He said she was fragile and was dealing with emotional issues, and that the last thing she needed at this time in her life was a young man like me trying to win her heart.

One thing I did notice, particularly at mealtimes, was that there seemed to be an “in crowd,” and everybody else.

Prior to this, I had not spent much time in Bill Gothard’s office, and I was surprised to observe that Bill Gothard frequently counseled young ladies in his office.

In light of my “crime” this seemed like a double standard to me.

Again, I didn’t give the conversation a second thought as there were plenty of people walking past us as they came in and out of the Staff Center.

It didn’t occur to me that I had done anything inappropriate, nor did I feel like I had broken any rules. I was stunned the next morning when I was summoned to Bill Gothard’s office.

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