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Thank you so much for sharing your stories, and providing me with many days of enjoyment. I loved the pace of action and the kind of banter among these characters. I have not had so much fun reading since discovering and reading the Sword Of Truth books by Terry Goodkind. Kind regards Robert Thanks for stopping by, Robert! 😀 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books, and I appreciate you taking the time to come by and let me know. I fell in love with all the leading men in each series you have written, but Fallen Empire is definitely my favorite. I’m looking forward to reading the new spinoff for Fallen Empire. Hi Lindsay, Thanks for hooking me up with Book Funnel, they did indeed help me get your extra books downloaded to my Kindle.I hope you’ll have fun with the spinoff series too! I am so glad to hear you’re going to write more in that series. I’m about to start book 4 and can hardly wait but I just wanted to say that I do enjoy your “twisted” mind. 😏 Thanks again for the help and for the great stories!Finished End Game and would like to say how much I enjoyed the series and your wit.

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I’m still smiling at Jelenas stunt with Leonidas horse 🙂 I will definitely recommend your books on Facebook and my twitter. I’m glad you liked them, and I hope the surgery went well. I am so happy you could get Kate Reading to narrate the first three (Fallen Empire) books, and hope she does the rest for you. I had already read the 2 “Sky Full of Stars” books after suggested by kindle while I was looking up Daniel Arenson next book. If you are as much of a smart-ass as your characters are you must be fun to hang out with. 😀 Hello ^^, I’ve just finished reading Star Nomad from the Fallen Empire series and I really enjoyed it.

These books are so enjoyable I have listened to them several times.

The story is strong, the characters are well written thought out and the humor engaging.

It also could have been an object lesson for Jelena. I have listened to the first three novels of the Fallen Empire Series and am wondering when the next books will be available in Audible.

I have learned that with failing sight listening to books is easier than looking at the print.

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