Dwt not updating pages metaphysical dating

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By the end of this chapter, you will have created most of the pages on your website.

I can edit the template easily in Dreamweaver, however the bodies of the html files are not editable.

From what I have picked up is that if you edit the DWT file, all of the sub files that it references should update. The body of a lot of the sub html files includes tags like: From there you should be able to select your entire site (all pages that use the template you're currently editing).

I have a client that want's me to make a change to her OTHER site. I guess (I don't build using Dreamweaver) the site pages are being controlled by the template file EXCEPT for the content that is specific to the page. I found a folder called templates and in that folder is the file.

I tried copying that file to my desktop, then making the change and uploading back to the ftp site. My guess is the file on my desktop does not know to update the other pages as it doesn't know where those pages are.

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