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Relocating underground electricity, power, gas, and telecommunications lines ate through more than million of the LA’s new rail line reserve budget—half of what the transportation authority had put aside for accidental project hiccups—five years before the project is set to conclude.

A decade of lawsuits filed by the Beverly Hills school district to prevent tunneling under its name-brand high school held up construction on a Metro extension for years.

"Our recent experience with tunnels in the US is that neighbors worry, you run up against various environmental laws, and you just never know what’s underneath the Earth," says Michael Manville, who studies urban planning at the University of California, Los Angeles.

As the LA Metro has discovered, these things can be very, very costly.

Then, we experience a natural drop in energy during a period of about 20-30 minutes.

Since most of us don’t even know this cycle exists, we don’t honor the natural rhythm we go through.

Make trains and Bus Rapid Transit truly convenient and folks just might let someone else do the driving.

From breathing to our heartbeat to the blinking of our eyes to our emotion cycles and the firing of the neurons in our brains.

Unfortunately for urban humanity, and Angelenos in particular, boring is more than an engineering problem to be solved by Musk's knack for clever solutions.

Big American digging projects are definitely screwy—Big Dig and Second Avenue Subway, anyone? Digging under cities takes time because a) the ground is full of stuff; b) that stuff is poorly mapped; and c) construction freaks out the locals.

We have daily cycles such as the circadian rhythm of sleeping and waking.

Inside that big rhythm, runs a smaller rhythm, called the ultradian rhythm.

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