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My experiences hadn't been as bad as some of the guys', but I've had some interesting moments. Then, she accused me of thinking I was too good to rub the dog and that's when the argument started. Girl #2: Unlike Girl #1, Girl #2 didn't want me to become the dog's "new father".

Girl #1: During our first phone conversation, I heard her dog bark in the background. Regardless, I had a problem with her DOGGY HYGIENE.

These were just two of my own personal experiences.The girls I've dated with dogs always had to cut our dates short because the dog was home alone or needed walking.My thing was, why the hell can't the dog wait until we finish our date, then you go and walk him.She explained that her dog was on a schedule and she didn't want to break it. I don't do pets like that." I'm no Michael Vick, but I hated that damn dog.With that being said, she could never spend the night at my house because she always had to go and check on the dog. Anonymous Male #3 (AM3)My girl and I were living together for about two years when she asked if we could get a dog.

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    ” Shelton tweeted after multiple outlets reported Lambert began dating married Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker.

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