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His reputation among the Meccans was such that his conversion made a considerable impact on the struggling community of believers, and it has been claimed that with Umar's conversion, Islam recruited new strength and Muslims were now able to dare the pagans.Ibn Ishaq recorded that Umar’s conversion to Islam was a victory.Although he had a reputation for impetuosity, he governed wisely and with a strong sense of justice.The system he helped to create gave stability to the lives of countless people, resulting in the flourishing of Islamic civilization.Muhammad gave thanks “so loudly that the whole household knew that Umar had become a Muslim.” After that, Umar was as determined and impetuous in defending Islam as he had been in persecuting it (Guillaume 155).When he converted to Islam, Umar was a mature man of 30-35 years of age.

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In 625, Umar's daughter Hafsa bint Umar was married to Muhammad.

It gave a strong sense that all activities must be acceptable to God, of whose presence people should be conscience at all times, for the whole world is a mosque.

His view of the ruler's role remains relevant throughout the Islamic world today. He is said to have belonged to a middle class family.

Others add that the believers were no longer afraid of Abu Jahl, the 'father of ignorance' who led opposition to Muhammad and would publicly reprimand and ridicule any new convert, then order a boycott of dealings with them. Umar soon became a trusted and senior adviser of Muhammad, who married his daughter Hafsa, thus cementing their alliance.

Muhammad called Umar the separator of right (ma'ruf) from wrong (munkar).

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