Daughter unhappy about father dating

Don’t try to force a relationship between them, but make sure that your daughter is surrounded by strong, compassionate women who she can look up to.

A lot of men, especially fathers, tend to take an “I must fix it” approach to any problems that their children might have.

Here are some valuable tips for raising a daughter as a single dad.

"While opening up to the nuances of sharing your life with someone is scary, that's also what makes love rewarding." The keyword here is trust: Teach your daughter to trust her significant other, the strength of the relationship and herself. That self-confidence will set her up for healthy relationships.11. The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and Walt Disney tried convincing girls to wait for a handsome rescuer.

But the women in those beloved stories were "crafted by a different sex at a different time for a different audience," says Curtis.

"Loneliness, reenacting the past, outside pressure or shared friends aren't reasons to stay with someone," says marriage and family therapist Carin Goldstein.

"Don't wait until your daughter is in a crisis to give this advice." Help her learn how to recognize signs she shouldn't stay with someone before she has to make that decision.7. Sometimes relationships look right on the surface, but feel wrong deep down.

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