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More than thirty percent of Americans think that a relationship initiated online has a better chance of success than one initiated in a bar.

( With these figures in mind, South African content sites have stepped up to grab a piece of the lucrative online dating pie.

In late 2002, ISP and content portal M-Web, local search engine Ananzi, news publishers Independent Online (IOL) and Mail&Guardian Online joined the scramble to add online dating services to their content.

News24, and Sunday Times were next in line, adding dating to their sites near the beginning of this year.

But here is a company that has managed to turn the theory into revenue: an actual, real live, non-virtual, non-hyped, non-Nasdaq-listed example of the internet working as a cutting-edge interactive content and e-commerce platform.

Enter online dating and one of South Africa’s few and probably most inconspicuous dotcom success stories. but businesses on the net lost the basics, the simple basics of business…

This is not to say the theory won’t eventually bear fruit: the prevailing wisdom is that the industry just got ahead of itself and lost in the wild west web of predictions and projections — predicting and projecting too much, too soon.

(IOL’s dating service is served via a separate UK-based company called u These 16 sites all use the same Dating Buzz engine and a combined force of about 27 000 registered users, spread across these sites, seamlessly and unknowingly interact with each other across the different brands.When the internet arrived, people screamed let’s make lots of money.This new, interactive medium had the ability to deliver content to audiences in innovative ways and make money at the same time.And when you charge for content, invariably people will go somewhere else.” Burstein and his two partners Duncan Forrest, the Cape Town tech guru, and Antony Soicher, the business developer and business school lecturer in Johannesburg, took the view that if they were going to succeed they were going to have to bite the bullet and simply just do it themselves rather than go the arduous venture capital route.“We took the view that if we were going to succeed we would need to do it ourselves rather than raise the funding…

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