Dating needy man

For some women, the ideal man would want to spend as much time as possible with the woman he is dating.But, there’s a fine line between wanting to spend a lot of time together and just being flat out needy.So, to those women who are still trying to make three average dates into a legitimate relationship, please stop.You don’t need an official Facebook status to make you happy, and if your date is right for you, it will happen naturally.So, pay attention to how often you’re being asked who you are with or what you are doing AND the way it’s being asked.This way, you can avoid an unhealthy relationship early on!Also, there’s a difference between someone asking “what are you doing” in trying to make conversation and asking that question because they have to know the answer to it.

We aren't enthralled by the noughties lesson of He's Just Not That Into You like the Sex And The City girls were, because we're the ones who just aren't that into him.If you’re constantly being asked, “what are you doing” or “who are you with,” you probably need to steer clear of this guy altogether.Not only are these red flags that your guy is needy, but they are also red flags that your new guy may be jealous, insecure, controlling, or all of the above.If you’ve been dating a guy for a very short period of time, but he already wants to spend every second of every day with you, be careful because this is a serious red flag!This particular type of needy guy wants to spend so much time with you that he’s willing to invite himself out with you and “the girls,” and that’s a big problem.

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