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As most of our furniture is made to order, please check back frequently for new photographs and descriptions as well as construction drawings of our custom furniture Black Walnut Furniture is a company specializing in the design and construction of maple, cherry, oak and black walnut solid hardwood furniture.

With our roots dating back to 1989, we use solid hardwood lumber construction in all parts of the furniture.

In 1963 Pritchard restarted production commissioning British designer Ernest Race (1913-64) to redesign both the Penguin Donkey and the Bottleship.

This drawing shows that the design and construction of the Bottleship may have been very similar to that of the Donkey – the main difference being that one of the panniers has been redesigned to hold bottles.They offer an insight into the design process and construction of the bookcase.This blueprint reveals how the Donkey is constructed. Each part is identified by a letter which corresponds to the cross-sectional drawing illustrating how each of the pieces fit together.The pleasure of final assembly was left up to the purchaser and involved the turning of eight screws to attach the shelves to the legs – a screwdriver was conveniently supplied with the bookcase.The Bottleship Mark 2 is similar in design but is closed rather than open, with a hinged lid, to allow for space to store bottles and glasses. If you would like to view these designs or other designs for the Isokon Furniture Company please make an appointment in the Prints and Drawings Study Room.

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