Dating for unattractive people ethical implications of online dating

“If you ever hear someone complain to you that everyone on OKCupid is ugly,” Rudder says, “you can laugh because that means they themselves are not good looking.” 3.

As he put it, people “believe they do X and then they go do Y and the internet is perfect for capturing the space between those things.” Here are five takeaways from Rudder on OKCupid and using data for people and companies. Women are a lot pickier than men OKCupid has the data on average rankings for men and women (1-to-5).

In a room full of people wearing ties and pantsuits at String Theory Charter School, OKCupid co-founder Christian Rudder wore a black hoodie and striped shirt.

His hair was matted and messy, like he hadn’t showered.

And if you look at the curve for men ranking women, the largest percentage of women are ranked as around a three. Rudder says, “women are way more selective.” Not only that, Rudder says the Y-axis on that graph doesn’t display the entire truth: “Something like 40 percent of guys are basically rated zero.” 2.

Men have don’t overly high or overly low expectations of women. If you’re always complaining the people you see on OKCupid aren’t attractive, you’re probably not attractive either OKCupid uses its ranking system to choose which prospective matches it will display on your page.

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