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But again, I have a very limited experience with this forum and might be completely off the mark.

If you are an existing member please share your experiences in the comment section!

While I don’t use this particular forum, a superficial scan unveils a community that features blunt (if colorful) advice.

I had a hard time finding a degree of depth in forum discussions.

Researching this article had its upsides, perhaps the most glaring benefit was finding this little (and colorful) gem of a website.

From counseling, to social get-togethers, hotlines and help forums, the Internet era has ushered in a shiny new landscape of opportunity when it comes to emotional support.

Unfortunately, this hotline, while free, is only available to U. You can find all the necessary contact information here (as well as everything else regarding the hotline itself).[/alert-note]The Samaritans offer their support open-endedly, which means you are free to talk about anything you like.

Relationship stress, along with the depression which often accompanies it, are perfectly relevant subjects to bring up.

Additionally, if you are looking for professional grade support (psychological, legal or financial) a public forum will be of limited use to you.

The Relationship-forums is another popular online support forum which boasts timely feedback thanks to its healthy affluence.

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