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It is also meticulously researched, down to the names of the members of the Académie française and the dames précieuses glimpsed before the performance in the first scene.

The play has been translated and performed many times, and is responsible for introducing the word "panache" into the English language.

However, he has an extremely large nose, which causes him to doubt himself.

This doubt prevents him from expressing his love for his distant cousin, the beautiful and intellectual Roxane, as he believes that his ugliness would prevent him the "dream of being loved by even an ugly woman." The play opens in Paris, 1640, in the theatre of the Hôtel Burgundy.

The Cadets press him to tell the story of the fight, teasing the newcomer Christian de Neuvillette.

When Cyrano tells Christian that Roxane expects a letter from him, Christian is despondent, having no eloquence in such matters.

Cyrano then offers his services, including his own unsigned letter to Roxane.

The next morning, at Ragueneau's bake shop, Ragueneau supervises various apprentice cooks in their preparations.

Cyrano arrives, anxious about his meeting with Roxane.

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