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Bogota – La Candelaria Bogota in 1717 became the capital of the Spanish colony of New Granada and even after independence from Spain was the capital of the country.Due to its far remoteness from the sea it was not immediately obvious that this city would become the capital of Colombia.Some have difficulty with the air quality due to the high altitude (almost 9,000 feet above sea level) and pollution.

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That can best be compared to a subway, were it not is underground and uses buses with diesel engines. The street pattern of the city is like a rectangular network: the streets of north-south direction are called carreras, perpendicular to the streets in an east-west direction called calles.However, Bogota is the capital of the department of Cundinamarca, by wich it is almost completely surrounded.While Bogota lies almost on the equator is the average daily temperature by the high altitude of only 18 degrees (at night 9 degrees).Overview of Bogota The city lies at 2600 meters altitude on a mountain plateau in the eastern mountains of the Andes.The city is the Capital District and therefore falls outside the departments of Colombia.

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