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Heck, you might even get turned on by watching Ronda Rousey breaking a guy’s rips.

The most dominant sign of a feminine walk is when her hips move when she walks and when the gap between her legs is very small.

– Sebastian Harris, Just like the dark side was too strong in the young Anakin Skywalker, the masculine side was too strong in the young Ronda Rousey.

Thanks to the social and political conditioning in the Western hemisphere this dark side led to the first galactic empire in which thousands of women look like the Emperor from Star Wars. Here’s what my beautiful, feminine and simply wonderful girlfriend has to say about one of the comments: The good news is that spotting masculine women is not that hard.

In case you are not into those kinds of girls, you probably think about a screaming hardcore feminist who loves to run around with scissors in the hope to find a poor man she can castrate.

Depending on how arousing or disgusting the idea of sleeping with a masculine woman is for you, your definition will vary.

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