Cheryl blossom dating site

Betty crosses her arms, giving Cheryl a pointed look.“In what world is ‘be my fake girlfriend’ an easy concept to understand?

Toni, who's bisexual, had been gunning for Cheryl's attention—just as friends—the entire episode, and things reached a fever pitch at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe toward the end, where Cheryl told this story in excruciating, emotional detail.

And "anything" might include this theory we tossed at Boltt during our talk: What if Clifford Blossom killed Claudius, made it look like a suicide, and assumed his identity?

Once at Thornhill, Betty and Jughead sneak off to look for more clues about Jason’s murder and accidentally run into Nana Rose, who thinks Betty is her sister Polly and reveals Polly and Jason were engaged.

Or maybe she thinks she can make up for it at some later stage, in Penelope’s twisted mind.

She’s doing what she needs to do for now, and Cheryl can just deal with it. It’s so wrong."This is just the tip of the iceberg for the Blossoms, too.

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