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As a result Jennifer gave me the “I’m breaking up with you but we can still be friends” speech.

The truth is that Jennifer felt very threatened by Mary Beth and was intensely jealous and mistrusting of any interaction between Mary Beth and myself.

It was about two weeks after spring break ended that my girlfriend Jennifer and I broke up again. We had an argument about me giving our friend Mary Beth a ride on my motorcycle to the main library on north campus.

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To Jennifer’s disappointment and consternation, she soon discovered that none of my fraternity brothers would ask her out because of their sense of loyalty to me.(episode 22) Dear Lush friends, followers, and readers, I last wrote to you about spring break in Destin, Florida of my junior year of college.In this next installment I will tell you about the events which transpired that spring and all about an epic party that my roommates and I hosted.The incident produced three days of serious tension between Jennifer and myself.She pouted and continued complaining about me giving a ride to Mary Beth while I got very irritated and angry with her accusations.

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