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To Starr's delight, Todd began his quest to win back Blair.

As Todd and Blair attempted reconciliation, Max tricked Todd into believing he had slept with Blair. One day, Starr stole Max's credit card and mailed him a package containing horse manure. She even stole money from Todd, in order to purchase a love potion that would make her parents fall in love again.

Troy Mc Iver had lured Lindsay Rappaport to the funhouse, but she turned the tables on him -- Lindsay knocked him out and chained him to a huge wheel.

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To avoid punishment, one day Starr ran away from home and encountered an abandoned fun house.Todd, who was actually alive, returned to Llanview in hopes of reuniting with his family, but was shocked to find Blair in Patrick's arms. As Blair struggled over the loss of her child, Viki persuaded Todd to return Starr to her mother.Once Starr was reunited with her mother, Blair and Todd decided to reconcile for Starr's sake.When it was discovered that Blair was pregnant with Patrick's child, the couple broke up.While Starr's parents fought over custody of her, Starr became deathly ill.

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