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"And they remain off all the time, until they detect motion." Not only that, but Nest's wired version is one of the only on the market that lets you plug in outside—thanks to a rugged power plug—rather than drill a hole through the wall of your house to scavenge some electricity.

The downside to an outdoor plug is that it's that much easier for a thief to unplug it, but in that event you'll receive an alert and an image of the last thing the camera saw—presumably the face of the perp.

It’s got a night-vision mode powered by eight infrared LEDs.

At 0, it even costs the same as its indoor counterpart.

At The Dashcam Store, we want to see our customers get the most usage out of their dashboard video cameras.

In this blog post, we discuss a good practice to keep when using your dashcam, in order to prevent any potential problems and ensure you are always recording.

We recommend completely formatting (clearing) the memory card of your dashcam at least once a month.

If you add a per month Nest Aware subscription, you get constant recording, with video feed stored in the cloud.

In a few months, Nest Cams will be able to tell the difference between the movement of real human people and of animals, cars, or surprisingly large leaves, and will accordingly be able to winnow down the number of alerts it sends.“Customers want to know when something is happening that genuinely deserves their attention,” says Nest marketing executive Maxime Veron.

To make sure Wi-Fi connectivity still, well, connects, his team rearranged the antennas of the original Nest Cam to allow for better reach.

As with other Nest products, set-up is simple; just plug it in and mount it wherever you need the most peace of mind.

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