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Here are some ways your personal finances might show improvement: Any significant improvement to your personal finances will increase your chances of qualifying for a consolidation loan with better rates, longer repayment terms, and a more convenient repayment schedule.You should also check your personal credit from time to time to stay on top of what your credit score is, so that you can hit the minimum requirements for debt consolidation loans.Keep in mind that your credit score improving by only a few points is not likely to qualify you for a better loan, because your increase needs to be significant.Also, no matter how much your credit score improves, negative credit events like bankruptcies, tax liens, or repossessions can make qualifying for a small business debt consolidation loan nearly impossible.We asked Mihir Kroke of Able Lending when the right time to apply for debt consolidation was, and this was his reply:“There are two timelines to keep in mind when consolidating business loans.Timeline #1 applies if you had good credit and took out a short term loan because you needed the quick-turnaround time of a short term loan provider.Below we look at what credit improvement milestones you need to make in order to potentially qualify for both an SBA loan and an alternative consolidation term loan.

An SBA loan has harder qualification requirements to meet, but they’re typically the best option for debt larger than K.That’s because you’ll likely be asked to personally guarantee any business consolidation loan.The lender needs to feel confident that if your business were unable to make the payments, you’d personally be able to step in and make those payments.However, it’s an important skill to manage if you find yourself struggling with expensive debt, and checking your score is the first step.As a small business owner, your personal financial health is just as important as your business’s financial health.

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