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You may have noticed, that no matter how good this guy performs, he is always short changed by a point or two. Apolo will make it to the finals, but he will not be allowed to win. R133, motivation speaking to high school students all around the country. But last night, it seemed very obvious that the judges are trying to put a damper on Apollo.

I wonder why[quote]I can't believe that this program is going to eliminate Apolo.

He never once talks about dating and women in it, though. I'll look at the twitter posts to see what he has been doing.

I think he maybe is lost in life since he has lost his speed skating goals and training. I was subscribed to his twitter posts for a while but then unsubscribed.

I'll bet he's smooth all over, with tiny wisps of fine black hair in certain places (hole, pits, pubes...)Wow, that video is HOT! I wonder about Apolo's sexuality, though: He has never been linked to any women, yet there are no rumors about him with men.

Apolo must be very good at keeping his private life- no matter what way he swings- private.

but that's what happens when you leave the voting in the hands of the moronic, uneducated public who vote for people like that buffoonish football player over Apolo. I think Apolo and Karina WILL make it to the finals.

Personally, I think Apolo is gay and will eventually come out. It's up to the producers if that is what they want.

I can't believe that this program is going to eliminate Apolo. Also dancing first sometimes results in lower scores because the judges don't want to over-score at the beginning when there is nothing to compare the couple to.

It was very interesting that when the team dance selection was made - he was choosen second to last - only Bristol Palin came in behind him.

He was so appealing and cute, what happened to him? Has anyone noticed how jacked-up his upper body is now?

I certainly know nothing compared to you and I defer.

I will have a different attitude the next time I watch.

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