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That’s a huge savings especially when a family of four is around 80 BRL. We offer a simple and easy to use website which allows you to take your own photos from the comfort of home or at work with a few clicks.

At My Passport there is no waiting in lines or wasting gas to drive through heavy traffic in search of a post office or convenience store.

Recording Capture important meetings, conversations, events and ideas for reference documentation or share them with the people on your team who weren't able to make the live call.

Lifesize Amplify gives everyone a personal recording and sharing platform.

Designed by an international team, at just 3.8'' long, 2.8''mm wide and 0.5'' thick, Air Selfie is the thinnest and lightest HD flying camera integrated in your mobile cover.

A Brazilian passport photo must meet certain requirements to be considered valid.

Weighing just 2.8 oz (80.3 gr) and enclosed in a durable anodized aluminium case, your flying camera is lightweight, solid and exceptionally cool.

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Its turbo fan propellers can thrust up to 20 meters in the air letting you capture wide, truly original photos and videos on your device.

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Setting up a conference room with Lifesize doesn’t require a technology degree—just connect the camera to a TV and the internet, give it power and pair it to your account to start making calls—there simply isn’t a more powerful or easier-to-use video conferencing solution available.

Today, there’s no need to trudge around town looking for a professional photographer.

If you do decide to make a trek through the city, a set of photos done at the post office can cost around 65 BRL.

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