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The very same Opera house that is haunted by the opera ghost. She has been taught to fight and learned how to survive in the wilderness.But not all goes well with their encounters and demands that she leaves. CH 65 Swallowing hard, Severus used his Occlumency skills to shield his mind from the screams. Harry defeats Voldemort in his 7th year, but the death toll was unbelievably high. Then one day, her Master sends her out on a mission to kill someone. After the Final Battle, Snape awakes from a coma to a world in which Voldemort is gone, defeated by Harry Potter.The young Sannins, are all on a mission to protect Hogwarts School after an unexplained death in the year before. Waking up in a new world, what adventures await our hero?But when the students don't trust them due to Orochimaru, will they be able to complete their mission? Battles, mysteries, Team Rocket, love, laughs, loss and the infamous Potter luck landing him instantly in trouble... Bella's mother killed herself three years ago, after her father charlie abandoned them.

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The only person he has left is the person he despises most in the whole world... I didn't look back to see if the cloaked man followed. For if I was caught in the poor district by Muhammed Afzal I'timad, the current ruler of Jerusalem, I would most definitely suffer a fate worse than death. When the forbidden love between an Altmer noblewoman and a Bosmer ambassador leads to pregnancy, the two must flee Summerset Isle to protect the life of their unborn child.Frustrated and tired, the psychologist Kyra Madison makes a wish on the night of her 36th birtday.An unusual gift from a new patient makes it come true.After a year traveling in a slave caravan he is bought, but who really is the strange, young widow who bought him? But will her visions leave her at the mercy of the Opera Ghost or will she find an unexpected connection with an injured, masked man she finds deep EOC. Will Erik and this new manager work together or not? What if Christine was the Opera Ghost, and Erik the protege dancer and singer?Readers beware, this is not a tale of gushy romance scenes.

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