Are chris brown and rihanna dating again 2016 abuse or intimidating behavior

History repeats itself, however, since multiple reports are claiming that the Drake Rihanna love team is no more. News source, “Rihanna and Drake are seeing other people at the moment. They still love each other, but their schedules have gotten in the way.” Another E!

source debunks the first claim saying that the two were never a couple and have always been just close friends.

While Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship ended in the controversial assault of Brown to Rihanna, the two still saw each other.

The Hollywood Life reported that the two are still close with each other and Chris Brown still reaches out to Rihanna every now and then.

The two singers always had a close relationship, sometimes romantic, other times simply friendly.

But it’s no secret that Drake has always been in love with Rihanna even when she was still dating Chris Brown in 2007, In fact, Drake has made his feelings publicly known on the MTV Video Music Awards last August 2016.

But, why did she take the video down almost instantly after posting it – did Chris Brown make her?Some speculations are that the split was because of Drake’s new love interest, model India Love who was spotted watching the Toronto Blue Jays game with Drake last week.A post Love made on Twitter caused speculations that she is indirectly attacking Rihanna, saying “I think it’s mad crazy how you could really be dating someone for a period of time & be completely blind to who they really are.” However, there is no confirmation of a Rihanna- India Love feud brewing.(Thy Black Seems like the streets are heating up as recently we’ve gotten word of Chris Brown chilling at Mr. The two were spotted cuddling, Chris Brown had on a Lakers cap so not to be recognize by the paparazzi…To his dismay TMZ photographers were able to snap a few pictures…

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