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Ghannouchi has been careful to distance himself from the subsequent violence.But in retrospect, the women clearly had genuine cause for concern, both at his return and the simultaneous mass release of Islamists from Tunisia’s prisons — and all in the name of the country’s new pluralism.The poverty level was just 4 per cent when the revolution broke out, which is among the lowest in the world.

When the Tunisian revolution started last month, it was hailed as a template for the rest of the Arab world.

For all its restrictions on direct political participation, for decades, Tunisia was the most secular and progressive country the Islamic world has ever known.

The regime was the least brutal in the region, its people the wealthiest and best educated.

And the education system — allocated more funding than the army — ranked 17th globally in terms of quality.

The veil was banned in public institutions, polygamy was outlawed, mosques were shuttered outside prayer times, and men needed permission from the local police to grow a beard.

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