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Imagine loving someone so much that you take them back them after they got busted sexting teenagers and cost your boss the presidency in the process. But no, despite the buzz around the New York Post’s story, “Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner call off divorce,” the truth is more mundane.They’re not calling off the divorce, they’re merely settling it out of court to spare their young son some future agony.

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And if Bill Clinton is right and this is the future, then our future is either a homogenized feel good variety of kumbaya, offering really nothing to kids but Pepsi, or an increased divorce rate. I pray that you will always find a reason to renew your flaming commitment and loyalty to each other. May the both of you celebrate each day of your married life with commitment and trust. I am proud that in our great Country this couple with different ethnic and religious backgrounds can join in matrimony without undue concern about what others might think. My Cuban-born Spanish wife of 14 years is a Christian and a naturalized American.The Clintons hosted a garden party Wednesday night at their Embassy Row home with more than 300 people, a sumptuous buffet of Mideastern food and a sign with the couple's wedding date, "7-10-10," near the pool."I have one daughter," said the former president, pulling Chelsea into a hug. Daughter Chelsea is walking down the aisle later this summer, but first up: a celebration of the upcoming marriage of Rep.Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin, Hillary's longtime personal aide.

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