An intimidating boss

Both times were amazing, they opened my horizon to think about where else I could go.

Getting used to life as an actual, functioning adult is hard enough without being terrified of your new boss.

At the same time I was also looking at getting some work experience internationally, so I decided to move abroad to Berlin. Learning a new language to me always feels like dealing with a new person you meet. I mean, Berlin people must seem so cold and hard and super direct to people coming from the North American culture.

I had a contract with a Canadian company that allowed me to do three months of work remotely. it was quite a big change and took a little bit of time to adapt. I had no experience living in a different place for a longer period of time, the architecture that impacted me, the layout of the city, the transit, and the language of course. I learned a little bit before, and when I got there I enrolled in lessons. You are trying to adapt, to get along with its character traits. They don’t hesitate to criticize everything all the time, I feel like this is a cultural trait that is not so much common here in Canada.

We had some really powerful interactions in that month…

Right, you were there exactly when the biggest wave of refugees came. What would you tell anyone who’s considering going to Germany?

Before you freak out, you should know that it’s completely normal to be intimidated by your boss, especially if this is one of your first jobs in the real world.

Naturally, you want to make a good impression and every ounce of your daily energy probably goes into not messing up.

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Any single encounter, that’s a really tough question, there were so many.It’s no help that TV bosses like ’s Miranda Priestly are forever etched in our brains.If the mere sight of your boss pulling into the company parking lot sends shivers down your spine, remember these important facts to help you deal.Then going back to my friend’s restaurant, I was able to serve up the fresh herbs from the garden.There were these amazing volunteers who were refugees from some parts of Africa, have made it to Italy and then to Berlin and who were looking for some kind of job.

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