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The evening and particularly overnight should be lower.

The table below shows some additional terms you may come across when calculating radio advertising costs.

That’s because this age group has the highest purchasing power, and therefore many businesses want to advertise to them.

You can also expect to pay more for stations that attract a wealthy audience, such as a jazz or classical station.

With an adequate marketing budget, you can use radio to work for your small business.

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While you can target based on broad strokes, you can’t hyper-target your audience like you can with online advertising.Companies use radio advertising to promote products or services over the radio, typically in 30 or 60 second spots.Radio can be more expensive than some newer advertising methods, but it is a very strong medium, reaching 93% of American adults weekly according to Nielsen data.Here are brief definitions of useful radio advertising terms from Nielsen: The main factor that affects cost is the number of people who will be listening to your ad.Therefore, spots during the morning and evening commute will cost more than spots late at night.

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