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While the research is far from conclusive (and is particularly sparse with regard to men with BPD), there is now evidence to suggest that people with BPD can experience a variety of sexual difficulties.

It is likely that the impact of BPD symptoms on sex can vary substantially from person to person, and can take very different forms.

Impulsive behavior is one of the symptoms of BPD listed in the DSM-IV.

In the case of sexuality, a trend toward impulsive behavior may lead to reckless sexual behavior as well.

First, many women with BPD are survivors of child abuse, which may contribute to overall negative reactions to adult sexual experiences.

It is designed to measure the sexual characteristics of sex offenders or alleged sex offenders.

“Sexual Relationship Difficulties Among Borderline Patients and Axis II Comparison Subjects.

Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease.” 191: 479-482, 2003.

In addition to engaging in reckless or impulsive sex, there is evidence that people with BPD are more prone to sexually promiscuity.

This differs from impulsive sex in that promiscuity is the act of intentionally having multiple sexual partners (rather than having casual sex on a whim). One possibility is that they use sex to combat feelings of emptiness that are associated with the disorder.

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