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The important work of past and present recipients is the embodiment of Hildene’s mission, Values into Action.

When speaking of Susanne Rappaport, Molly Biggs Celani, President of the Board of Trustees of the Slate Valley Museum, reminisced that, “Susanne taught us to see that the history of a place is about the history of the people of that place.” When introducing Jane Beck, Gregory Sharrow, co-executive director, with Andy Kolovos, of the Vermont Folklife Center expressed the feelings of many in attendance, saying, “Thanks to Jane many things that would have remained unknown are known, and many elements of our history that were hidden are revealed.” Ken Moriarty, Chairman of the Hildene Board of Trustees, then presented the awards to Jane Beck and to Eileen Travell, Susanne’s lifelong friend, with praise for their accomplishments.

In the keynote address, longtime editor of Vermont Life, author and VPR commentator, Tom Slayton, praised the combined work of Jane Beck and Susanne Rappaport noting that they did, “important work that will help keep Vermont vital and distinctive.” He pointed out that, “What makes Vermont vital and distinctive …

is that it is a place where nature flourishes.” Ever the consummate storyteller, Slayton then shared a few of his favorites with those gathered and concluded that …

There will also be time for questions and discussion.

This Hildene program is free to Hildene members and for non-members. General Admission is not required for attendance at this presentation.

Bongartz will explore that incongruity and focus on how Lincoln’s thinking about both slavery and the place of blacks in American society changed over the course of his lifetime, with important events such as the repeal of the Missouri Compromise, getting to know and respect Frederick Douglas and the valor of black troops in the Civil War, serving as catalysts.

The award is given annually to Vermonters who have made extraordinary contributions in the areas of land conservation and/or historic preservation.“the stories that Jane and Susanne have told and saved are not just stories about the people and the land but rather a story about how those two elements interacted: How the people shaped the land and how the land shaped the people.” The event concluded at the Hildene Award trailhead located near the front of the Lincolns’ home and follows one of the most scenic ridges on the 412 acre estate.After recognizing the hard work of trustees and staff, Hildene Executive Director, Seth Bongartz unveiled trail cairn markers for Beck and Rappaport, adding to those honored in years past.For more information visit call 802.362.1788 or email [email protected] September 11 at Hildene, Jane and Ken Moriarty, who have been doing their own canning for years, will lead participants in making a simple tomato sauce in a “how-to-begin home pressure canning workshop.” Starting with how to prepare vegetables through to the finished Mason jar, participants will learn about supplies and techniques that make canning fun and easy.

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