Access is denied when updating drivers

Now ideally you’d think you could perform your firmware updates to the array controller or other components in the ML110/ML115 server via the HP Firmware Maintenance CD or HP Software Update Manager (SUM) but HP for some reason don’t allow either of these products to be run on any Proliant 100 series server.

Now before proceeding make sure you have backed up your data on the disks attached to the E200 array controller. Method #2: USB Firmware Flash Utility v1.72 I thought I’d provide a step by step guide for those of you wanting to take it to v1.72 via a USB memory stick only.

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As a fellow HP Proliant ML110 or ML115 server owner who runs an HP E200 Smart Array Controller in their production or lab environment you may want to consider checking the version of firmware you are currently running as some of the latest revisions have some worthwhile enhancements such as: Upgrading your HP E200 Smart Array controllers is a straight forward process.

Most HP E200 array controllers I’ve seen usually come with the earliest firmware applied (ie: 1.20). If attempting to download the E200 firmware update from either the HP ML110 or ML115 support pages on the HP site you will notice that the last available download is stated as being v1.72 () when the latest version (at the time of writing this article) is in fact v1.84 (26 August 2009).

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