60 plus senior dating

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Whether you are over 50 and still working, planning retirement, planning early retirement, or already retired and looking for new ideas or information to enjoy your retirement, then laterlife aims to be of value to you A common term on the internet for the over 50s and over 60s is Seniors or Silver Surfers.

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Today, and for most of our lives, we have had a completely different outlook from the previous generation, we are more active, more demanding, and we have a longer life expectancy.

Lorena Cassady has written professionally since 1982.

Many college campuses offer community courses, such as in art, psychology or other fields, that are free to adults in the surrounding area, including seniors.

Look for clubs in your area that are geared toward people your age.

You might find a seniors golf club or a group that attends theater or dance classes together.

People over 50 like to work out with people their own age because they have similar fitness goals.

Gyms are a great place for older people who care about their health to meet and work out together.

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