554 validating sender

Block version: 2 b6ff0b1b1680a2862a30ca44d346d9e8 910d334beb48ca0c0000000000000000 ... Hash of previous block's header 9d10aa52ee949386ca9385695f04ede2 70dda20810decd12bc9b048aaab31471 ... Unix time: 1415239972 30c31b18 ........................... Target: 0x1bc330 * 256**(0x18-3) fe9f0864 ........................... Nonce The mechanism used for the version 2, 3, and 4 upgrades is commonly called Is Super Majority() after the function added to Bitcoin Core to manage those soft forking changes. As of this writing, a newer method called is being designed to manage future soft forking changes, although it’s not known whether version 4 will be the last soft fork to use the Is Super Majority() function.Draft BIP9 describes the version bits design as of this writing, although it is still being actively edited and may substantially change while in the draft state.If a block only has a coinbase transaction, the coinbase TXID is used as the merkle root hash.If a block only has a coinbase transaction and one other transaction, the TXIDs of those two transactions are placed in order, concatenated as 64 raw bytes, and then SHA256(SHA256()) hashed together to form the merkle root.Transactions must appear in the data stream in the same order their TXIDs appeared in the first row of the merkle tree. The first transaction in a block must be a coinbase transaction which should collect and spend any transaction fees paid by transactions included in this block.All blocks with a block height less than 6,930,000 are entitled to receive a block subsidy of newly created bitcoin value, which also should be spent in the coinbase transaction.

If there are an odd (non-even) number of TXIDs, the last TXID is concatenated with a copy of itself and hashed.Future versions of Bitcoin Core will likely provide consensus code that is more complete, more portable, and more consistent in diverse environments.In addition, we also warn you that this documentation has not been extensively reviewed by Bitcoin experts and so likely contains numerous errors.The only correct specification of consensus behavior is the actual behavior of programs on the network which maintain consensus.As that behavior is subject to arbitrary inputs in a large variety of unique environments, it cannot ever be fully documented here or anywhere else.

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